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HP ExpertONE Networking Certification

The new HP ExpertONE program

Company CIOs and data center managers rely on professional certification not only as proof of technical proficiency, but also as an important gauge of an individual’s usefulness to the organization. New and improved ExpertONE career certification from HP signals to employers that your technical abilities are topnotch, tested, and proven by the world’s largest technology company. It shows you can supply the cutting-edge skills—and business acumen—necessary to integrate different technologies from multiple vendors and use those technologies to drive IT innovation. Whether you’re a technical veteran or a comparative newcomer, whether your aim is career advancement, career change, or simply a better salary, HP ExpertONE training and certification is the best path to help you reach your goal—more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater value to your employer. You’ll find HP ExpertONE certifications for all corners of the data center: servers, storage, networking, software, and more, including the all-new Converged Infrastructure certifications from HP that span all technological boundaries.

About HP ExpertONE networking training and certification

HP networking solutions are built to deliver predictable performance, high availability, and security, using products and technologies that offer scalability, cutting-edge features, energy efficiency, and reduced complexity. HP certifications assess the skill sets necessary to design and implement those networking solutions in a Converged Infrastructure context, from SMB to enterprise and from core to edge. The HP ExpertONE program offers a full range of networking curricula, from beginning-level courses to Master engineer classes. You’ll also find fast-track programs that let you leverage your current industry certifications, building on the investment you’ve already made in networking education. With HP ExpertONE networking training and certification, you’ll rapidly become proficient in the design, deployment, and operation of open, standards-based networks which are prized for their security, agility, interoperability, and superior cost efficiency.

Who should acquire HP ExpertONE networking certification?

The HP ExpertONE networking training and certification program is designed to meet the needs of individuals working in any networking environment. You should consider joining this program if you:

  • Work in a multivendor data center environment
  • Plan and design network solutions
  • Deploy complex data center solutions, including networking
  • Deploy or manage HP networking solutions
  • Provide hardware maintenance and support on HP products
  • Sell solutions based on HP networking technologies
  • Work for an employer or HP channel partner that requires you to earn and hold networking certification from HP.

» HP AIS — Network Infrastructure [2011]

» HP AIS — Network Security [2011]

» HP ASE — Network Infrastructure [2011]

» HP ASE — Network Security [2011]

» HP ASE — Wireless Networks [2011]

» HP Master ASE — Network Wireless [2011]

» HP Master ASE — Network Infrastructure [2011] 

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